About Us

History - Tavern Kod Rajka in the past


Our story starts in 2002.

In August, Rajko opened the doors of his modest tavern with only 3 tables in order to provide guests with top quality and satisfy their gourmet requests.

With constant effort, work and quality control by the owner and his family, Kafana kod Rajka began to be recognized as a place to eat good food.

About taverns


It is not known who is the genius who invented the tavern (kafana), but it is known that the tavern originated in Mecca in the 15th century, and then the Ottomans conquering Europe built caravanserai, inns and "houses where coffee is drunk". Its name derives from the Turkish word kahvehane which was taken from the Arabic and Persian (coffee) and khan (house).

One year after Belgrade was surrendered to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (August 28, 1521), somewhere on Dorcol the first tavern began to work where only black coffee, hookahs and pipes were served. According to documents about the latter Turkish bars, it can be assumed that it was a room in which a large number of people could be gathered, without tables, covered with colorful carpets. There is a reasonable doubt that the first tavern in the Balkans could be in Belgrade. Some researchers claim that the Turks, on their way to Belgrade, must have built such a place first in Nis, exactly in the place of today's Tinkers Alley (Kazandzijsko sokace) and our Kafana kod Rajka. This place was just next to the outside trench where river Nisava run and it was used as a technical channel with running water. Precisely here was the location where the first tavern must have been, older than Belgrade tavern where the butchers used to drink coffee and smoke hookahs during their breaks. 

With time, thanks to Prince Milos Obrenovic and his decree in 1859, the Serbian restaurants of that time became organized to perfection. It was known exactly what was allowed and what was forbidden. According to this decree, it was also envisaged that certain premises, within the city walls, could hire girls, but a maximum of two. The very expression "kafana" in Belgrade and Serbia began to be used only after 1738, when the Turks replaced the Austrians in power.

70 years after the first taverns opened in Nis and Belgrade, Sarajevo gets its first tavern in 1592, London in 1652, two years later Marseille, in 1683 Vienna, and Leipzig as late as in 1694. So this is one of the things in which the Serbs are in lead in regard to the rest of the world.

Over time, the tavern became the center of social, economic, political and cultural life, a place of fun and leisure, vice and passion for plotting, forging conspirators' plans and creating artistic styles, sneak actions and countless human ascents.

Our food

Within our company, there are currently two butcher shops, a barbecue shop, one restaurant and meat production.

Our production produces products exclusively for our facilities. It is certified according to HAACP standards and meets all standards in food safety.

All our products have been checked both internally and externally. Simple processes in our work, fresh and quality raw materials are our only secret.

Many customers, our friends, who trust us on a daily basis, are our biggest support and proof that we are heading in the right direction.

Tavern Kod Rajka - the best food in the city
Tavern Kod Rajka - today's look

Today's tavern

Today, our tavern has 150 seats, and over 200 seats during summer. We have two large spaces, one on the lower and one on the upper floor, a garden in Tinkers Alley and a garden in our backyard.

Now our tavern has a team of over 20 employees, who give their best every day to make your stay better and more comfortable.

We have grown but we retained the domestic principles with which everything started.

We wish you a pleasant welcome, cheers.